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  1. Does anyone have experience trading with Advanced Futures' AutoExecute platform? If so, how do you like it? Also, is it easy to port over your Tradestation code?

  2. speedy


    Are they guaranteeing a fill on the inside market?
  3. Don't know? I really don't know that much about them...
  4. H2O


    Let me start by telling you I'm NOT using Autoexecute
    I do trade with AF and use J-Trader

    I think they work the same as the J-Trader MEL function.
    The order is send upon reaching a price point. (Can be set on BID / ASK and also size can be taken into calculations) BUT, if you decide to send your orders as limit (only possible option so far in J-Trader)


    This is why you have to stay at your screen.

    If your orders can be send as MARKET (when conditions are met), you get a garanteed fill but off course no garanteed price.

    So keep in mind, if the price action is pretty fast, you might not get an execution. (No problem , software noticed this also)
    Only problem is, is you trade multiple different contracts at the same time which are triggered upon each others price action, you might get a fill on one contract and not on the other. You than have to manually adjust the order for a fill (or get lucky the price moves so it gets triggered later)

    Hope this help.
  5. Thanks Rob...are you satisfied with the speed of the platform? What about AF customer service?
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    AF customerservice is GREAT !!! (Just nothing else)
    Speed of the J-Trader is good, not perfect.
    I see other platforms that seems to be faster (X-Trader) but costs are involved in trading with this platform, maybe I'm going to use it in the near future for my scalping.

    Hope this helps,
  7. Anyone else have experience with Advanced Futures? What about their autoexecute platform?