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    Dear 168,
    I finally want to say that my post on this forum was only to give you our public apology for every problem you experienced, regardless of number of rings, or minimizing your bad experience.

    I too would like to live with truths in my pocket, but in that case, I just gave you my side of the facts.

    Hope the best for you.

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  2. I had the same problem with Global Futures that day. Obviously, it's hard to have enough staff that when EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER is going to be calling you, they'll be able to help each one instantly.

    It took me a few minutes to get through (i.e. busy signal), but once I did, the phone was picked up, and they helped me exit my position promptly and courteously.

    Been trading with them for a few months, and their service has been A-1!! (This was the 1st serious outage I've experienced).

    Good luck finding something better -- I'm happier with them than I've been with any other broker, and I've had a few. I gladly fork over the extra $2 or so commision to trade with them.


    "The truth is not hidden from us, we are hiding from it."
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  3. Just for some updates...I was considering Advanced, but am a bit concerned about these complaints, but even more so at what seems to be an increase in their RT cost. Is my memory bad or did they actually raise rates?

    Should I consider GHCO directly? Is there any drawback to that?
    The $10k min would not be a problem for me, but does anyone know how a drawdown would effect the account?


    Happy Trading.:D
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  4. MarkHyman

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    First, Thank you for considering Advanced Futures

    AF did not raise rates. In fact, we changed the Gold Account
    for traders new to the futures markets and for the trader who
    may not always have $10,000 to start. Our Platinum Account
    requires $10,000 to open an account. The Gold Account requires
    $2,000 to open an account.

    As far as a drawdown affecting the account. When someone opens a $10,000 account they can trade up to 6 contracts
    at one time of the eminis. We give $1750 margin per contract.
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  5. I trade with global and jtrader and have had no problems whatsoever. Fast fills, acurate quotes, and great customer service.
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