Advanced Filters for Prop Traders

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by SocalTrader, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. We have just add advance filters based on feedback from the proprietary trading community.

    1) You can now filter for size on the bid or offer for either NYSE or NASDAQ stocks. You can say show me any alert but only when there is at least some minimum size on the bid or offer when the alert takes place.

    2) We are now doing real-time volume comparisons so you can filter and say only show me stocks that are trading 2 or 3 (any number) times as much as they normally do at this time of day.

    This filtering are based on requests from this board as well as other feedback. They create very specific set up situations that are much more tradable. Here is the link to the help describing the filters:

    Just to clear things up there is a free trial, however, in order to use the free trial you have to go through Pay Pal.

  2. We just added six new alerts. There will be an email announcement sent but I like to give Elite users a heads up:

    1) Gap Up Reversal
    2) Gap Down Reversal
    3) Channel Breakout
    4) Channel Breakdown
    5) New High Bid (filtered)
    6) New Low Ask (filtered)

    Here is a link to the description. More cool stuff is on the way!