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    I'm currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Finance. My work experience is in equity trading and trading strategy development for 2 yrs prior. I decided to go back to school to learn some advanced techniques in pricing and to learn more about derivatives. I have been thinking about getting a 2nd degree in financial mathematics or financial engineering to get even more in depth knowledge. I've been told that the financial math/engineering is more for back office jobs, which is not what I plan to do afterwards. Does anyone have any thoughts on pursuing this 2nd degree? Think it's a good idea? Bag it, and just try to land a job?

    I should also note that in March I'm taking the CAIA level I exam.
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    Too much school damn fool.
  3. Curious where you are doing the MSF?

    An MSF gives you great breadth in information on the markets, products, pricing and risk management and I took it to round out my education as well as learn more about different pricing models and complex derivatives, in addition to how to model various factors. As for trading, that is still a self-taught act which requires time and experience.
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    Right now I'm at Washington University in St. Louis.
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    I regret wasting too much time in college. I wish I had spend more time in the market. IMO the best way to learn trading is to follow a top trader and learn from him/her directly. Trading is similar to sports and acting. You can't learn it just by reading books or writing thesis. You have to learn it by doing!
  6. Actually, about the only "trading" jobs available on the street anymore are for quants. An advanced degree in math will definitely help get you in the door. Go heavily into stats and financial engineering. However, you won't be trading. You will be designing programs to manage portfolios.

    This is the reason why people here on ET will haze you about the school thing. They want to trade.
  7. Only?

    Sounds rough. Math isn't my forte, yet.
  8. 100% fact. And PHD`s only at that...
  9. Maybe I'm biased, but I would say get a second degree in Computing. I as well am finishing my Masters in Finance. I got a software engineering degree a few years ago and have been in the markets for about a decade (albeit mostly investing). I decided my real love is the markets and needed that "formal" education for validity beyond my own personal experience. (although I do work currently as a software engineer for a financial company). I think the computing and finance degrees are the most beautiful fit. :D
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