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  1. I am trying to get the symbol for advancing issues in Qcharts. The symbol directory shows it as $ADVN, declining as $DECN. I can't get either of them to work. Any ideas? Hope someone can help, since my other recourse is to wait on hold for an hour then deal with some surly tech rep. Sure wish IB would buy QCharts.
  2. 2-B


    If I remember correctly it is:

    QC: DECL (without the space) I was getting this QC:DECL. LOL


    QC:ADVN for advancing

    I can't be sure though, as I dropped em a little over month ago. I know what you are talking about though, as I had same problem with that page as it shows the wrong symbols.

  3. 2-B,

    bingo, you da man. thanks much, you saved me at least an hour's aggravation.
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    Disclaimer: I recently switched from to esignal. :)

    One thing I do miss about qcharts was their wide variety of market breadth symbols. I tried to locate the list today but was unable? Seems they changed their symbol lookup pages around.

    But, you could get a whole array of breadth statistics (advancers, decliners, #trading above the open, all kinds of stuff) on not only NYSE and naz, but all US stocks combined and DJ30 stocks by themselves.

    They called these stats "Breadthalyzer" or something, so maybe you can do a search for that and find the whole listing.
  5. jeffm,

    I had the same experience as you looking for it today. They really fouled it up with the Lycos redesigned website. Why would you offer a pretty good product like QCharts but make it next to impossible to find the symbols for some useful proprietary data you offer???
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    I tried my "Help" link today, but that new website appears to have some broken links in that area.

    The symbols you are discussing come in several forms:

    QC:ADVN (All of 'em)
    QC:ADVN.NY (NYSE Advancers)
    QC:ADVN.NQ (NASDAQ Advancers)
    QC:ADVN.DJ (DOW30 Advancers)

    For the "ADVN" above, you could substitute
    DECL for the Declining Issues
    ADVDEC for the Advancing-Declining Issues
    UPVOL for the Advancing Volume
    DNVOL for the Declining Volume
    ADVDECV for the Advancing-Declining Volume
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    Can someone tell me why QCharts shows
    AMEX:QQQ all the way up to 1:30 PT?

    When all my other charts of other Nasdaq stocks
    and even AMEX:BBH all stop at 1:00 PT.

    Why does QCharts add an extra 30 minutes or
    does the market close later for QQQ?
  8. Are you sure your chart goes to 4:30pm ET? My charts show it only going to 4:15pm ET.

    The QQQ and the SPY and the DIA do trade until 4:15pm ET to coincide with regular trading of the related futures. BBH trading cuts off at 4pm ET.
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    I looked again and you're right, it ends at 4:15.

    Thanks for the information!
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