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    Does anyone know where I can find free advance-decline historical data?

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    Any traders out there using the advance decline ratio?

  3. Do you have a Yahoo username? If you do I can let you access spreadsheets that I have uploaded.

    Let me know what it is and I will give you access.

  4. Would like to take you up on your offer:

    rlb21079 (creative, huh)
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    Thanks for the offer.

    I'll pm you in a sec with the info.

  6. that this info is useful to look at ... besides the other indicators

    like up / down volume


    do data providers provide such data for a long period of time? not end of day , but intraday ?
  7. What is Tiki? and how you use Up/down volume?
  8. Hi Nana Trader,

    TIKI is the DJIA Up/Down Ratio.

    TIKI, TICK, TRIN, VIX, VXN, VXO, Advance Decline NYSE Line, Advance Decline NASDAQ Line, Advance Decline Ratio, Absolute Breadth Index et cetera...

    all the above analyze the health of the market...

    helping traders to be on the right side of the coin and to manage their trades.

    Some traders call the above "indicators" while others call them "indexes".

    From the above you have indicators like the McClellan Oscillator that's based on the Advancing-Declining Issues...

    thus, Market Breath info is used in many ways.

    In fact...have you ever seen those "secret" or "mysterious" holy grail indicators being sold???

    They are sometimes a mathmatical combination of a few of the above.

    My favorites are the Market Volatility Index VIX to help with my position size management and the Advance Decline NYSE Line for some divergence situations...

    mainly I use them in the morning whereas in the afternoon I tend to just like looking at them while they have no implication in my trades.

    In other words...I have too many problems trying to use Market Breath info in the afternoon (weakness in my trade mythodology).

    Many traders that I know that uses Market Breadth info...say it helps with the infamous wiggles, prevents overtrading and helps identifying the strength of trends in the Eminis.

    This is critical if your a divergence trader, trend reversal trader or a trader that prefers to hold a position as long as possible while trying to milk a trend...Long or Short.

    P.S. Most traders I know that uses Market Breadth info...tend to be more profitable than those that don't.

    Thus, I think they merit a peek if your a trader that doesn't use Market Breadth info while trading.

    Also...all the price action only traders I know...uses them.

  9. Great information. I use the TICK and TRIN but I think I will add some of the others to give me a better overall picture of the market health during the day.
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