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Discussion in 'Trading' started by m22au, May 7, 2002.

  1. m22au


    When ADSX ran from under $1 to $2.25 in three days, I had a nice time shorting it on the way down. This time, however, it is not available to short at IB.

    For all non-professional traders, is ADSX available at your broker to short? If so, who is the broker?

    Thanks in advance
  2. BruceF


    In general, non-professionals can not short stocks under $5.00.
  3. spieler


    Not marginable ( to be bought throw cash account) = Not shortable unfortunatly by a classic short
  4. In general that Old Wives Tale, Urban Myth, uninformed pap about shorting under $5 is a crock.
  5. m22au


    As much as I appreciate the help from other posters who are trying to tell me that it is not shortable simply because it is less than $5 a share, that is not an accurate explanation.

    As I said in my first post, when it has its first climax run, from less than $1 to $2.25 in about 3 days, it was shortable at Interactive Brokers, and I did well with that trade.

    However, the second time around, it is not shortable at Interactive Brokers, and many other places.

    On Wednesday I did well by shorting Digital Angel (DOC), which ADSX owns over 80% of, but that's only a half solution. Some days like Thursday, DOC doesn't completely follow the action of ADSX, be it up or down.

    Still, I think with all the media hype on Friday, ADSX will provide heaps of opportunities for scalping, even if it's only on the buy side.

    And for those who think that it is too small a stock at $2.30 to trade, think again. It did 40 million shares Wednesday and Thursday, and with Friday's hype, it will probably do even more.
  6. I dare believe that whatever shares IB had available to short
    are now used up. Too bad. Eventually ADSX will probably fall
    like a rock...


    P.S. By the way, IB has oodles of other stocks available to
    short that are under the $5 range...