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  1. Hi everyone, I just found out I can get ADSL. 750 by 128, I guess upload and download, is this good enough to trade with from the islands ?

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  2. davealex


    I use 144 iDSL to trade from Minnesota (it's kinda like ISDN, but 144k both ways) and it works great.

    I know that the net infrastructure in Hawaii is pretty awesome because of the military presence.

    You can always go to and check out what other people are saying about their Hawaiian DSL connections.

  3. def

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    It should be more than adequate.
  4. Thanks, I really appreciate your quick responses :)

    Use those "STOP Losses !!!"
  5. sK


    keep in mind that you may experience a small delay for data crossing the ocean from servers in the states. less than a second usually, but could make a difference depending on your trading style. do some ping tests to your quote provider and/or broker.
  6. Thanks everyone for your help, finally got ADSL up and running, fly baby fly :) So far the best thing about it is scanning charts at night, sooo fast must save at least half an hour or more. Before I can click/grab the next stock the prior one has already come up :)

    I still get some slow times while I'm trading, could be software/servers or just too much on my page, but it's one thing less in my head to worry about.

    Thanks again for your help and to everyone else at Elite :)