ADSL vs Cable

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  1. Tnteo, thank you so much. I wonder if the ATT person will hook up everything?

    THanks again for the valuble info.

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    You mention you use a free ISP for your dumb modem connection. What ISP do you use? Also, does this provide you sufficient connection to receive streaming feed for intraday charts?

    Thanks for your reply,

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  3. tntneo

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    You probably would not be able to get my free ISP. But it does not matter, select an ISP for dumb modems, the cheapest [it's only a backup].

    Speed is not a problem with modems. Even a 33.6 modem is way enough for intraday data feeds. This data is compressed and requires very little bandwitdh.
    It is not bandwidth the issue with ADSL and Cable, it is the fact that you need the connection active and stable for long period of time.
    I used a simple 33.6 modem for months without any problem [but occasional and annoying disconnections].

    You would need many, many symbols with level II active to even start to have a difficulty with a 33.6 modem.

    Having a backup is important. It is better to be sure you can get out of a position even if your cable/adsl ISP is down. Of course, you should be able to call your broker, but it is better to have more ways to get out of trouble yourself.


    PS : don't get me wrong, after trading, cable or ADSL is much better than a dumb modem, to do research, go on the internet, download programs and updates etc...
    But for the actual trading, 33.6 dumb modem is enough, that's all [as a very good backup].
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    Thanks for the quick reply. The reason I asks about your ISP is because I'm trying to troubleshoot a problem I'm having with my datafeed siezing up. I am using Quotetracker for intraday charts and level 2, with a streaming feed from Datek. I have normally been logged on to a corporate T1 through a firewall. I don't know if you have ever used QT or not, but they have been making a lot of enhancements lately. I don't think I had any problems with earlier versions of their program but these latest versions seem to seize up while waiting for the datafeed, (especially in the afternoons). Medved (QT vendor), tries to blame it on the firewall. So I have tried to log on to my AOL account and can't seem to make it work with that. Today I tried to set up an account with NetZero (the free version), and it wouldn't even start the datafeed. If you know os an ISP in the USA (I'm in Dallas Tx), that you recommend, I would appreciate the advise.

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  5. I have cable but my backup is the ATT Worldnet $4.95 per month dial up option. The good part is when I travel I can log in from almost anywhere as a local call (Worldnet has log on numbers everywhere). This saves me long distance calls on my hotel bills. The negative is that you get some ads, which I just ignore. Works well.
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    Thanks for the reply Stevene9,

    Does worldnet have any problems with streaming datafeeds? I know when I try to use my Datek feed while running Quotetracker, AOL keeps logging me off because it doesn't see the datafeed as activity. (I guess because it doesn't originate from within the AOL window. So if it doesn't see keyboard or mouse activity from within the AOL session it pops up a message asking if you want to stay logged on. Of course if your watching intraday charts, the pop up message is in a background session so you don't see it. Then AOL logs you out after about 10 minutes. This drives me crazy. I'm also trying to qualify an ISP for now because there is no broadband available in my neighborhood yet. I can't get DSL or cable yet. The only thing I haven't tried is sattilite yet.

    Thanks again for the input.

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  7. RAH2153,

    I've been experiencing the same problems with QuoteTracker. I never had problems until recently with all the new updates to QT. I also use a Datek feed.

    What I've done is run QT and Datek streamer simultaneously...usually one of them is running good. It's weird but they supposedly are both running from Datek yet sometimes one is down and the other is working...This is the only fix I've been able to do for the moment. But it works for me.

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  8. Hambone


    I have been in constant email contact with QT support for the last several days over this. For awhile I think they didn't believe what I was telling them, but they now seem to be on the trail of a fix. I found out that the severity of the lock ups was determined by which stock charts I had up (high volume movers were worse), and how many indicators I used in my charts. I have 5 different indicators set as default. Hopefully they will have a fix within the next few days. Good luck,
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    To solve AOL bouncing you off problem, go to Free software download sites like DaveCentral, Tucows, or Nonags and look for free software that pings the AOL servers so they do not disconnect you. AOL SuperFreeTools was one such program that I employed when I used AOL as my on ramp over a year ago. There are at least another 6 or more that do the same thing the last time I looked. Hope this helps.
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    I have had ATT@home cable for 2 months now and love it. I would like to throw this in though. When the ATT contractor comes to set up your cable access, don't let him install the cd he brings with him. Your system doesn't need anything on that cd, and it is 150 mb of advertising and other"junk" if you will. You don't need it for cable access. My advice for anyone with AOL is to reformat your hard drive to remove any AOL software and find another isp. Just my opinion.
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