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    When I was at the Chicago Expo and was wondering around the vendors posts, I saw ALT and a couple of her aids. Most every other post in the place had at least a small crowd around them, but Adrienne was just sitting there looking "desperate" (maybe not the right word - perhaps hopeful?) for people to come and talk to her.

    It was somewhat sad actually...

    I have never read any of her stuff, so I do not know if it is helpful or not.

  2. nitro,

    i concur with your assessment. i saw her at the NYC expo and although she gave a bang up talk, there were very few people at her booth. it seems to me that this reflects the types of people who attend these shows--- people searching for the quick buck and not lasting success, of the kind ALT teaches.


  3. ALT was Van Tharps partner for a while, wonder what happened?
  4. Like marketsurfer, I saw her at the New York City Expo and also noticed how her booth wasn't surrounded by crowds like the others. Can you imagine having to acknowledge before the glaring eyes of your colleagues that you actually need help? I'm sure, though, that a few took her card and did eventually contact her in more discreet circumstances. I say this because, unlike marketsurfer, I was referring to the 2002 Expo, so I presume business was good if she returned in 2003.

  5. sub,

    i was referring to the 2002 expo. i did not attend 2003.

  6. i saw her at the 02 expo and talked to her for about 15 minutes.. ended buying her book, a tape set and a single counseling session.. i have yet to use the session but her book and tapes were both good..

    at the time she had big signs up "Losing Traders Stop Here" or something to that effect.. kinda hurts the pride to stop in with so many expo cowboy types prancing around..

  7. the problem I find with most of these guys (and gals) is that they either never traded, or never successfully traded. Ok, I suppose you could teach someone to fly if you never flew yourself, but........
  8. I always enjoy her articles in Futures and S&C magazines.
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