Adria Richards is Fired - finally!

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  1. Those of you outside the tech sector may be asking who the heck Adria Richards is and why is it important that she was fired.

    Adria Richards is an example of what is wrong with corporate America today. Until recently she was the Dev Evangelist at SendGrid (btw the title means she's a PR person who is worthless in terms of coding) that found offense in everything imaginable. She was offended if you used the term 'master /slave ' to describe a bus, she was offended if your cartoon had women in it... she finally took her victimization routine too far at a recent trade show when she tweeted a photo publicly shaming two white male developers for making a dongle joke. She managed to get one of the developers fired.

    Finally the entire tech sector revolted at her duplicity and constant 'victimization' - everyone from Anonymous to all of SendGrid's customers very publicly demanded that professional victim, Adria Richards, be fired. Fortunately she was... and I certainly hope that no tech company ever considers hiring her in the future.

    Here are some links with the story:

    Now an internet meme

    Of course there are examples of Adria's typical tweets:

    Of course she can make crude sexual jokes on twitter - but nobody better say the word 'dongle' near her.
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    One duplicitous cunt down - only a gazillion more to go.
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    Let's hope she doesn't decide to go into politics next. :D
  5. I worked with American women all my working career. Some of them were engaged in war on men and they fought dirty. It was sickening so I retired.. eventually my boss figured out I was retired and they fired me. Then my attention turned to trading of course because we all know that is the path to our dreams..
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  7. Of course the internet and media is now calling this entire sad affair - 'donglegate'.