ADP Jobs Report: 56,000

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  1. ADP came out with it's projections for what the Friday jobs report will look like.

    Bottom line: An incredibly weak 56,000; well under the forecasted 100,000 (which, by the way, was already weak, but presumably priced into the market).

    Position yourselves accordingly in case ADP got it right.
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    If ADP got this # right which im going with a 5% chance on it, expect a sell off on Friday.
  3. perfect number for emergency rate cut which market would love!!!

    huge bottom!!

    lets go market!! I love 100% up room to go$$
  4. Sorry no rate cut coming until fed has confidence inflation is under control. As US currency depreciates that is also inflationary (imports cost more and exports gain in value). Then final issue of needing high rates to attract the annual qizzion billion dollars to fund the deficit.
  5. There are rumors floating around that the jobs number is going to come in at the NEGATIVE range.

    Friday will be a white knuckle day.
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    and you are the one who is spreading them... where did you get that?
  7. What time will the official report be released on Friday?
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  9. What are you talking about?

    That trinket was mentioned by none other than Charlie Gasporino or Leesman (I can't remember which one) on the air on CNBC tonight.
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    Check the history.....ADP has never ever been close.
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