Admiral Zinni Says War Was Pushed For Israel

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  1. I wonder what else is my taxdollars buying these days...

    FORWARD - The simmering debate over the role of Jewish neoconservatives
    in drawing America into war in Iraq erupted with new fury this week. One
    of America's most respected ex-generals took to the airwaves to charge
    on CBS News' "60 Minutes" that the war had been fought for Israel's
    benefit, just days after a similar charge was leveled on the floor of
    the U.S. Senate. The retired general, Anthony Zinni, a past chief of the
    U.S. Central Command and President Bush's former Middle East special
    envoy, told "60 Minutes" on Sunday that the neoconservatives' role in
    pushing the war for Israel's benefit was "the worst-kept secret in
    Three days earlier, Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, a
    South Carolina Democrat, rose on the Senate floor to defend a newspaper
    essay he had written earlier in the month making the same charge. Both
    men complained that they had been unfairly labeled anti-semitic for
    speaking out.

    Their comments come just weeks after the United Nations' special envoy
    to Iraq, Lakhdar Brahimi, called Israel a "poison in the region" and
    said that American support for Israeli policies was making his job more

    In the face of these mounting criticisms, a leading Jewish Democrat on
    Capitol Hill, Rep. Nita Lowey of New York, told the Forward that the
    president's policies were increasing the danger to Jews across the
    world. "We are very worried about the rise of anti-semitism
    internationally," said Lowey in an interview Monday with the Forward.
    She argued that disdain for the president and his policies has "stirred
    up" anti-semitic feelings worldwide. "It's a real concern for me as a
    Jewish member of Congress."

    Lowey's comments drew sharp criticisms from officials at the
    Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Congress. "That's
    absurd," said the ADL's national director, Abraham Foxman, when informed
    of Lowey's comments. "It's worse than blaming the victim. It's blaming
    someone who stands up for the victim." David Twersky, the director of
    international programs at the American Jewish Congress, also objected,
    telling the Forward: "Without being partisan about it, I am appalled
    that anyone should attribute the rise of anti-semitism in the Islamic
    world, and separately in Western Europe, to George Bush's policies in
    the Middle East."

    One Democratic activist, who asked not to be identified, defended
    Lowey's comments: "There is certainly a strong stream within the party,
    and particularly among progressives -- and many Jews are progressives --
    that George Bush's inability to play well with others and his inability
    to think diplomatically and multinationally ... has increased world
    hatred of the United States. There are many in the Arab world who
    believe that America is run by and owned by Jews. So it is not that hard
    to get from A to B. I tend to think that any independent analyst would
    tend to say the same thing. So why try to give [Bush] the benefit of the
    doubt? If he could connect these dots it would modify his behavior and
    make him think more diplomatically."
  2. I would've read the post. However, as soon as I noticed the reference to GENERAL Zinni as ADMIRAL Zinni, I knew it would just be more of the same fuzzy logic and excruciatingly dull incoherent ramblings by one of the many addled-brained lefties and/or disturbed split personalities on the board. But please, carry on.
  3. ohhhhhh man(sorry if you are a female no offense)!!!!!! what a mistake!!!!! wow!!!!! keep on trolling buddy, great catch!!!!:D :D

    Have you ever thought it was too late to edit the admiral word out from another buffer post..., On ET you can edit the post but not the tittle, so I left it thinking that people here actually read the contents...I guess I was wrong this time (about you reading the post as you already noted yourself):(....but I'm glad you jumped the gun with your inferences. It pretty much explains your thinking.... :D:D

    Hey watch out now.. there's a comma missing somewhere... dismiss everything :D:D ofc content is not relevant hehehe
  4. Normally the method of attack is some slander of sorts, but this slander of a misprint is surely the most damning.

    You can always tell when the message hits the mark, when the comments are about the messenger....and not the content and substantiative ideas of the message.

  5. Well, when the poster's monotony is completely devoid of substance, what is there left to comment upon? Indeed, he is equally dull and repetitive under any of his myriad aliases. Just imagine the torture of being trapped at a cocktail party with the entire roster of NVS misfits as they drone on incessantly about obscure c-list policy wonks and in-the-wilderness has-been bureaucrats. Personally, I'd rather be an inmate at Abu Ghraib prison with a severe canine-phobia and suffering from an extreme aversion to human pyramids as a result of a traumatic high school cheerleading experience.
  6. What a hoot. Let me see if I can get this right. The same people who are trembling in fear because Bush and Ashcroft are out to remake America into some sort of fundamentalist Christian concentration camp are also now wild with anger because he has allowed himself to become a tool for international Zionism, and it's ok for Jews to be against him because in pursuing this zionist agenda he has caused the peaceloving muslims and UN officials to despise Israel. What about waging war to steal Arab oil? Did they forget that part?

    These are the same people who cannot distinguish Bush the Zionist from Adolf Hitler, who think a minor prison scandal is equivalent to 9/11 and who think it is a good idea for US power to be controlled by unelected Third World crooks at the UN.

    General Zinni, like General Wesley Clark and General Al ("I am in control") Haig before him, is reminding people why we have civilian control over the military and why it is a good idea for retired soldiers to keep their mouths shut.
  7. Absolutely true.
  8. Pabst


    "Never again", the mantra of modern Jewish self reliance is forgotten by modern self hating Jewish Democrats. "Never again" was of course the rallying cry of a generation pillaged by the genocide of Nazism. Jewry agreed that appeasement would "never again" be an acceptable answer to anti-semite aggression.

    Not even Hitler hated Jews with the same vigor as Islam. As traders though we know history repeats, and the mistakes of the past (tulip mania=CMGI) are all made again by subsequent generations. Thus, just as Jews were a great "short" in 1938, Islam, the U.N., and the enlightened anti Semitic left have made Jews a great candidate for any short list today.
  9. It's a mistake to presuppose self loathing for many or even a significant fraction of Jewish Democrats. You don't have be conservative to stand up to fascism and fanatic nationalism.
  10. Pabst


    Point taken. However dgabriel I find many Jewish social liberals who oppose Bush also lining up against the admins fight against Islam extremism. If the motive for opposition to Isreral/Bush is political then IMO it's biting off your nose to spite your face.
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