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    The Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), is a conglomerate based in Decatur, Illinois. ADM operates more than 270 plants worldwide, where cereal grains and oilseeds are processed into products used in food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial and animal feed markets worldwide.

    ADM also provides agricultural storage and transportation services. Company divisions include: ADM Cocoa, ADM Corn Processing, ADM Specialty Food Ingredients, Food Additives, Lecithin, Protein, ADM Milling, ADM Natural Health & Nutrition Vitamin E & Sterols, ADM Food Oils. The American River Transportation Company along with ADM Trucking, Inc are subsidiaries of ADM. ADM's revenues for fiscal 2008 (ending June 30, 2008) were US $69.8 billion.

    I bought some of this for my nana's account. Wish her luck.:)
  2. You sure spend a lot of time discussing what they do. Yep they're the keeng of soybeans (which you didn't even mention).

    Does all of "that" have a correlation with stock pricing?

    The Moving Average Converge Divergence (MACD) is a woefully slow indicator. It's also a canned indicator in just about every platform, and , in contrast to others, easily computed on a spreadsheet.

    Those drawabacks doesn't mean it doesn't have some modest value. The MACD for ADM just more or less recently repelled off the zero line. The zero line meaning there is NO trend in the 26 day and 12 day time frames. That's more or less confirmed by a trendless ADX.

    You might give a little less thought to the myriad of grain applications and a tad more to timing.

    Isn't that what a trading site is about?

    Attached is a simplistic chart of the last 50 days. IF you want a panoramic view, just ask.
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  3. Debaser82,

    Looks like ADM is having a tough time getting past the low 30s. I'd imagine that a lot of folks who bought in '06 and '07 and got creamed in '08 are now delighted to be getting out "whole."

    As efficiency correctly states, the stock's action pretty well defines the term sideways. I'd reckon the ADX is VERY low, although that can be a good sign, too. Have a look at a weekly or monthly chart over the last 5 years (so you get to see everything necessary) and especially note the volume there. I think it's somewhat lackluster.

    I wouldn't stick around and ride out any major downswings in ADM. On the other hand, I would be encouraged by some decisive interest on the part of buyers, for example, a nice big price bar with plenty of volume and a strong close, know what I mean? Again, as efficiency has already mentioned, it’s a question of timing.

    Meanwhile, I could be dead wrong! :p Here’s hoping that ADM takes off like a @#&*-ing rocket and makes you a lot of money.
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    Friday 2/8 Insider Buying Report: ADM, IDXX(
    Bargain hunters are wise to pay careful attention to insider buying, because although there are many various reasons for an insider to sell a stock, presumably the only reason they would use their hard-earned cash to make a purchase, is that they expect to make money. Today we look at two noteworthy recent insider buys. At Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a filing with the SEC revealed that on Thursday, Director Donald E. Felsinger purchased 60,000 shares of ADM, for a cost of $41.80 each, for a total investment of $2.51M. Archer Daniels Midland is trading up about 1% on the day Friday.
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    I like owning ADM...Boring widow and orphan stock. I like the dividend. Also I do covered calls (leaps) at a high price on it. Get a little extra income from it (also leap money earning about 2% in a money market fund, compounding). If it gets called away it doesn't matter because most of it is in my Roth IRAs...Can buy new stock back at any time. A boring, but consistent strategy for me...Just me.
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  6. %%
    Good dividend; good volume, they buy it @ 52 week lows, or have in the past.:cool::cool: