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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hels02, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. hels02


    US exports up.
    Trade deficit going down.
    Biofuels/ethanol becoming more important as gas goes up.
    Big interest from Europe and Asia, these companies don't rely on US customers.

    Any thoughts on these 2 (just curious, I'm in both)?
  2. hughb


    I just ran a search on DAR and this thread came up. I don't know who DAR's customers are, it looks to me, (from their website), like they clean grease traps for restaraunts. I first noticed DAR when it appeared in my scan back in April on that volume rise. I've missed a couple of buy points since then, but it's at a buy point again right now. Problem is that I'm very bearish on restaraunts. Clue me in as to what they are doing overseas, I may take a stab at this thing yet.
  3. timbo


    Monetary policy is huge in the USA.
  4. ADM is in the agriculture business. I expect agriculture to be a growth business for the USA. My theory is that Chinese people and Indian people with lots of cash and not enough domestic farm production might want to eat. The USA produces vast amounts of grain, meat, vegetables and fruit. I find it strange to think the USA industrialized economy is changing to an agricultural economy. That is why I like the idea. Unexpected and unexpectable events can sometimes drive long trends and long term profitable trades.

    That does not mean that ADM stock price value must increase. It is always possible for management to screw up a good business.

    Ultimately I place a bet, follow the trend and stop a loss if I lose. There is just no way for me to know what management or customers might do two years from now.