ADLR - Massive base, Watch me for a breakout

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    Been watching this one for a while, recent increase in volume tells me something may be up. Baby Bio trading in the $3's with $3.55 in cash. Been basing since April at these levels, off of $9 highs in March, $25 range a year ago.

    Now I'm no fan of Bio's as I have seen and experienced too many take huge overnight drops due to FDA rejection, etc. That said, this seems to be a relatively safe play at these levels.

    I do not have a current position. Looking to buy above $4.00. If it can breakout, it should be clear sailing to resistance at the $6.50 level.

    That's a big gap to fill, but I'm man enough to fill it (in my dreams). Any positive news and I'll be there for the ride. Put it on your watch list
  2. Did you do a search on ADLR here on ET?
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    No - Sorry silver - I see that you had picked it and posted it in the longshot thread.
  4. Where exactly do you see a MASSIVE base?

    Consider me Helen Keller and guide me.
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  5. Fucking troll.

  6. Hardly a troll, but I do like to fuck (as opposed to getting fucked). The majority of those that have bought this shit at pretty much any point in the past fall in the latter camp.

    But you were oh so right in using the phrase "long shot" when applied to a perpetual down trend.

    Chart says it all.

    Can't point the finger at you toward the word "massive".
  7. Oh, you most definitely fit the definition of a troll. You do nothing but patronize those with whom you differ. You troll this board just looking for someone to argue with.

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  8. I merely asked WHERE the massive base was. Of the ORIGINAL poster. approach of Top Down.

    YOU took it upon yourself to identify me as a troll. Which itself is...........being a troll.

    I'm still waiting for answer.

    But I won't get it. There is no massive base. Unless measured in nano-seconds. Which would probably yield comparable results.

    It's a shit stock. You and I both know it. IF you wanna skirt the issue, fine.

    Homegrown? Wouldn't have much THC. Don't confuse that with Tenet Healthcare.
  9. What a balls call I thought when I first read this post- this stock took me out of the Zaks challenge!
    Then I happened to catch a ticker price pop on Aug 28th while on vacation and I see it did indeed blast out of it's massive base.... only to quickly retreat. This kind of let down is very hard to take if you are a holder of the stock & it may be the final straw for quite a few of them and as such it may be time for Elite Traders to pick up shares. I have to do a lot more DD I can't remember off hand the drug that blew up on them and weather this new one has a big enough target population, etc. but purely on the chart you have a base since April 07 of a washed out given up for dead stock that because of it's cash on hand- simply could not go any lower than $3 and in many ways that can be a great entry point if only they could drum up some good news.

    $3.60 gap open to $4.30 and just as quick a staircase down... holding above $4 for a few trading days might be all we need. It's up 16% this month but the volume has not been there so lets not forget about the name.

    From 2ndOpinion on
    Stock is a Buy. Stock is Oversold; Good entry point.

    Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicates a Bullish Trend.
    Chart pattern indicates a Weak Upward Trend.
    Relative Strength is Bullish.
    Up/Down volume pattern indicates that the stock is under Accumulation.
    The 50 day Moving Average is falling which is Bearish.
    The 200 day Moving Average is falling which is Bearish.
    Price is under Support of 3.90 which is Bearish.
    Week's Activity (Close as of week ending 8/31/2007)
    Week Close 3.74 Week Change 0.11
    Week Open 3.63 Week High 4.30 Week Low 3.56
    Price Analysis
    Yr. High 15.51
    Yr. Low 3.09

    Moving Average Analysis
    Type Price % Slope
    10 Day 3.63 102.9 UP
    21 Day 3.55 105.3 UP
    50 Day 3.63 103.0 DOWN
    200 Day 5.60 66.8 DOWN

    Volume Analysis
    Ave Daily Volume(00) 6007
    MO Chg.(%) -10.1

    Up/Down Volume (U/D)
    U/D Ratio 0.9
    U/D Direction UP

    On Balance Volume BR
    Positive OBV BL
    Negative OBV BR

    Money Flow(MF) 72
    MF Direction UP
  10. Been waiting for a definitive answer on the "massive" base. Guess I got one. April '07.

    Cash on hand? Hinges upon the burn rate. That drives prices, huh?

    19% gap up, that doesn't hold, is a distribution of ax inventory (n a very "short" period of time).

    Stoned, you should have stuck with ELON. Even with a 9 point slide, it's still 8 points above your exit. indeed has a MASSIVE base behind it.

    OT, BTW, what exactly is a "fucking fuck"?
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