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  1. I'll save you all the epic, rs7-like, swan song post and just say I'm quitting posting (and reading) ET chit chat.

    I've got too many more pressing (and interesting) matters to attend to and my presence here adds nothing of value to my life (and even less to anyone else's) so, to admit the obvious, there is no point in my being here any longer.

    The only reason I'm posting this is as an added incentive to keep away for that crucial intial 21 habit forming/breaking days.

    Adios amigos.
  2. Coins


    You'll be missed, Spect.

    See you in... mm... 24 to 48 hours.

  3. Hey spec! besides the occasional mudslinging, mean spirited responses, and few choice words, it's not all that bad. Kinda relaxing and funny at times. Look at all the info and exposure to so many different viewpoints :) Heck, some threads trigger research and discovery of some very interesting facts and historical info, that molds new views and understanding of what is going on :)
    :D :D :D
    anyways...well... best and good luck to your endeavors.:)
  4. LOL! How many did he do? Five? Six?

    C'mon back someday.
  5. Pabst


    Say it ain't so Dan. :mad:
  6. Ditto.

    So long all!

  7. Coins


    This is such bullsh*t. There is no way members can write over 1000 posts then just quit.

    Trust me, I tried.
  8. Oh, it's very easy for the likes of RS7, he'll just continue on here using one of his other aliases. But please forgive the poor guy, after all, he was shot in the Shan, captured in Burma AND tortured in Cambodia.
  9. Before you "leave," Mr. Swan Song, why don't you tell everyone what max401 did during the Vietnam era?

  10. Why don't you Max? I know, you know, and the majority of those here who think about it can probably figure it out for themselves in mere seconds.

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