ADI rocked with its result !!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, May 19, 2010.

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    65% margin, record sales. It is going up but it is still super undervalued. I see this stock over 30 by this Friday.
    Inclreased Dividend by 10% to 22 cents. This is a company that I love. My investment and patience is paying off.
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    Now I say 30 by today and 32.5 by this Friday.
    Two factors will drive it up. Market correction after that recent big drop and ADI's stellar results and great guidance.
  3. Two failed breakouts above 30 and it's already moved there from 17ish.

    Price to sales ratio is 3.8x

    Institutions own 87%. Saturated.

    Stellar results? Up 2.8% today.
  4. What? Didn't like the chart?

    Let's take a pan-o-ramic view.
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    Market down big time and ADI is up almost 3%. Based on your chart, it is quite possible if ADI goes to 33 in a week. Panic or greed buying is on the corner.
  6. I don't consider 141 DJIA points as big time and TRIN is at .49.

    ADI's 20 day ATR is $1.05. Relative to the prevailing $28.40, that's 3.69%.

    In essence, it hasn't moved a day's range.

    Round numbers are potent. Hasn't been to $33 since 2008.
    Obviously to get to $33, it has to pierce $30. First things first.

    The adage "buy on the rumor sell on the news" is time-tested. Thee, eh....stellar results are out.

    Am I raining on your parade?

    I don' the numbers. I just relay them.
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    ADI is not a hot trading stock as AAPL or CSCO, or..... It is great for swing trading. I enjoy your response. You are looking at ADI as another stock. I look at as a stock that I know it well so please bear with me a week or less. You will see how it will move.
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    I also believe ADI will break year trade volume today.
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    In today's extreme red market, ADI is trying to become green. Volume is also encouraging.