ADI - keep an eye on it on August 9

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  1. In 2 weeks, on August 9, ADI is expected to release earnings.

    In the past few days, the market has been hit hard. A lot of stocks took a big dive. But if you look at ADI on Thursday and Friday, it had support at around $35.60. It didn't dip much further.

    So when the market has an OK day or a nice rally, I expect ADI to move up from the mid $35 range.

    With 2 more weeks until earnings is released, I expect ADI to be moving upward. With good earnings on August 9, ADI could be at around $39 - $40.

    Back in May and also in June, ADI had support at the mid $35 range also.

    Keep an eye on ADI on August 9.
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    as did all the semi's.
  3. Earnings due out in 3 weeks, on August 21.
  4. Hi Richard,

    Good analysis on your first post...
    Here are some areas to watch on ADI.

    It had an Island Reversal in Apr. 2007 and July markets didnt help it close above the downside gap... Usually Island reversals (downside) are strong signs of weaker stock..

    July weak markets created two small gaps a breakaway and a Continuous gap (marked on the chart)...

    Moving forward, there is good support (both price and gap) at $34 area.. Also watch the inclined Trendline (kinda showing H&S??)...
    Weaker earnings (**IF**) and trading below $34 could be negative for ADI.

    I don't follow earnings that much but I would watch $SOX to help my Technology EOD analysis...

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    The runaway success of the Wii, which uses an ADI chip for its most popular feature, has turned ADI's MEMS business into one of the company's fastest growers, with sales up 23% sequentially in the most recent quarter, and sent management scrambling to find other consumer devices to use the chip.

    The consumer MEMS opportunity is a much larger potential market than the company ever anticipated, says CEO Jerry Fishman. "It's a good intersection of very new markets developing and only a very few companies with the expertise," he says.

    But he notes that MEMS have serious growth potential in the consumer market.

    "You're only limited by your own creativity in what these sorts of things [MEMS chips] can be applied into," says Seymore. "The good news is, the sky's the limit on what that could be."

    Handset makers such as Samsung and Nokia (NOK - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating) have introduced certain models that use MEMS chips to offer a pedometerlike feature, allowing consumers to count their paces and measure other types of physical activity.

    Another frequently touted idea involves a MEMS chip that detects when the handset has been lifted toward the user's ear, switching off the phone screen's backlighting to conserve battery power. Clever as this is, it's hard to imagine handset makers incurring the extra costs of adding a MEMS chip into a phone for such a feature.

    Positive comments from ADI on August 21 about its MEMS
    chips should push this stock up much higher.

    Keep an eye on ADI on August 21.