ADI after earnings and TXN

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Yesterday ADI came out with strong 3rd Q results. Their 2nd Q was also strong and they have predicted a 4th Q stronger results with no ifs and buts. I believe ADI will hit 52 weeks high in a week and will go over 32.5. Even at that price ADI is undervalued. Today will be a great time to buy.
    TXN had also a strong next Q forecast and will hit 25 today and will go much higher in a week. It will follow ADI.

    Here is my post yesterday :
  2. A very short term profit taking at the open exactly as I predicted. That is gone, ADI will got higher and most probably hit $30 today and TXN will hit 25
  3. What is your definition of best tech company? All are in ADI. Established, dividend, great outlook, great products, niche market, .....

    Don't forget TXN. TXN has predicted a monster next Q results.
  4. Yesterday I said:
    tomorrow 28.75 will look ridiculous price for ADI and that came out true.
    Now I say:

    ADI will close above 30 today and tomorrow 29.55 will look like a dream low price.
  5. like a clockwork so far
  6. I have lots of orders to sell naked PUT 30 if it drops a little.
  7. Another prediction:

    ADI most probably have an upgrade by this Friday and will have a surprise run to over 31 by this Friday (option expiry day).
    TXN might also touch 26.