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  1. What are your favorite addons? Please provide a brief description for each addon. Thank you.
  2. Adblock plus. Removes all those pesky little ads on Elitetrader and elsewhere.
  3. Fasterfox- Makes firefox run faster. I guess it works.

    Flashblock- Blocks all flash on websites

    IE View- Easily switch to IE. Some pages dont like Firefox.

    Tab Mix Plus- More options for tabbed browsing.
  4. GTS


    Adblock Plus
    Download Statusbar
    Google Toolbar
  5. WharfRat


    Foxmarks (bookmark synchronizer) is great if you use multiple computers!
  6. gaj


    adblock plus (with rick filter list)

    i need to add an IE one as well.

    but it's much easier to use firefox with these addons, don't have to worry about all the popups happening. makes my trading day easier.
  7. Forecastfox enhanced is cool. Gives you current weather plus 2 more days, on bottom of browser (you can click more more details). No need to run weatherbug or other things...

    I look at it daily.

    Also FlagFox, shows you the flag of the country the website is located in.

    Pronto often pops up prices at other retailers, when you are considering buying something. May save you $$$ at times.
  8. Lucrum


    I've been using this one for some time as well.
  9. Wow, were to begin?! a few favs:
    All-in-One-Gestures: Programable mouse gestures to perform customizable actions. Really speeds things up once you get used to it.
    AutoFill Forms: Fills out forms so I don't have to type it every time.
    Compact Menu: File, Edit, View, History, Tools... take up too much space -> shrinks them into a little dot.
    Customize Google: Remove ads, bust google's tracking database cookies, other great options.
    DownThemAll: FF's best download manager.
    DragAndDrop Search Zones: drag highlighted search term to any preset search engine (love it).
    Faviconize Tab: Locks and shrinks tabs you don't want to close / use all day.
    TableTools: This one is pure trading gold... Translated HTML tables into something that can be pasted into spreadsheet / db files.:cool:
    OpenSearchFox: add any search box to your search bar engines.
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    I don't quite get the point of Compact Menu. After the menu is compacted the (now) blank menu bar still stays at the the top of FF, taking up the same amount of space. Am I missing something?

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