Additional Options Going Pennies

Discussion in 'Options' started by FarmerTed, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Has anybody out there heard that the penny piolet program will soon been expanded to include an additional 75 underlying stocks/etf's?
  2. MTE


    Yes, I heard about it.
  3. They are going to be expanding it to almost the entire listing of options. I believe at least all options that would fall under the A catagory.

  4. Are you Mark from the blog? I interviewed at group1 right out of school but never did get a position. I'm right near villanova, went to the penn/villanova game a couple weeks ago down at franklin field.
  5. I am Mark from the blog. That is cool I never worked in the Philly office only in NY and Chicago. I try to make my way out there as often as I can I love that area.
  6. Weren't they trying to kill their own DPM's two years already?

  7. They are the DPM for the VIX so I dont think so.
  8. Fletcher


    Any good suggestions for new stocks to trade that have high volume but are remaining at nickel spreads? All the options I trade are unfortunately going to penny spreads, and I would much prefer to at least trade a couple of options at a nickel spread if my standard stocks are going to pennies.
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    ELN, CAL, and UAUA are the only 3 on there that aren't going to pennies, but thanks for the help, I'll take a look at them. Anything else with some decent vol sticking to nickels?
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