Adding Thread rating on Homepage / Enable thread ignore feature

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Realistic, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Enhancement request / suggestion

    Considering all the Troll threads, bickering, insulting and just plain babbling posts.

    My suggestion would be to enable a Non View / or ignore feature on entire thread... either on all forums or at minimum the home page. This would prevent the Home page from being cluttered by Troll threads and quality threads being pushed back into the forums and missed...

    Alternately, enable the "view rating" on homepage as is in forum views as a hint, warning or reminder to the quality of threads...

    There exists a mix of intelligent members who desire to contribute, those who merely enjoy creating friction and conflict, and there are some which are so hopelessly lost it is painful to read...

    I use the ignore function religiously, and attempted to use the thread subscribe feature, however the constant pinging of my iPad/iPhone devices when mail received is quite annoying... so needed to unsubscribe to allow my wife to sleep at night...

    Thank you for your consideration...
  2. You have to be realistic about these sort of features.

    Re: Adding Thread rating on Homepage
    Thread rating is useless. You can rate your own thread and create multiple ET user names to rate threads multiple times.

    Re: Enable thread ignore feature
    Don't click on threads you do not want to view.
  3. FireFox > Bookmarks > Bookmark This Page

    I don't have IE, but I'm sure it's similar.

  4. Lucrum


    Wow you must be a pretty smart guy. I mean you've only been here a month and yet you're full of ideas no one else has thought of in the 13 year history of the web site.
  5. I only started monitoring ET again for a few weeks and felt inclined to contribute. I stated so in an earlier post.

    But truth be told, nothing has changed. There remains an excessive amount of disparaging behavior on this site and thought this the appropriate vehicle to make a suggestion.

    Trolling and flaming is so prevalent even some of the Mod's occasionally get pulled into some of the negative discourse...

    It makes no difference to me, the few people I care to interact with I can do so outside of this message board.

    If the Administration has no interest in modifying it... so be it, doesn't hurt to ask...
  6. jcl


    The thread rating makes no sense on this forum anyway, and can be completely removed IMHO.

    In forums like "Religion & Politics", you can see that right wing threads are always rated with 5 stars, and liberal threads are always rated with 1 star. A similar pattern can be found in the forums about technical trading: threads containing some serious mathematical or technical background info are routinely rated with 1 star and spammed by trolls.

    Thread rating has normally the purpose to indicate the quality of a thread. This does not work here due to the high troll rate. I can see that it might be difficult to get rid of trolls, as the forum would then probably lose 50% of its members. But the thread rating is here completely meaningless.
  7. BSAM


    +1 billion

    I never understand these threads.
    What's it matter what a thread is rated?
    The rating is in your mind.


    Also IMO, real men don't put people on ignore.
    Just scroll past those posters.
    What?---You just don't have the willpower???---Work on that.

    Ain't life simple?!?