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  1. Honda


    When adding RAM, should you match the amount already in your computer? Example: if you have 128MBs should you add another 128MBs or go with as much RAM as your system will take. I have 3 slots & wondered if it was proper to have 1 stick of 128 & another of 256. Thanks
  2. That will work fine unless you have a really old computer. (I'd say 4 years old or more). You can mix and match sizes, but make sure you are getting the same of RAM as you are already using. If you have PC-133 DRAM already in, get more of the same. If you have Rambus, get more Rambus. It does not have to be the same RAM manufacturer, but same specs.

    Hope that helps.

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    size matching is not necessary: if you currently have one slot filled with 128MB, the next slot can have 64MB or 256MB it makes no difference

    however, you should match the type. Go to and input the brand and model of your PC and they will show you available options which will match. I have bought from Crucial several times -no problems. And their site is well organized
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    I have an "old" Dell XPS T500 that had 128, added two 256 boards last week for a total of 640. Plug and Play! ;-))) Total cost including shipping $102.00 from Memory4Less 800-821-3354. The cost would have been lower but they told me the Dell system required a "special" board. Memory is cheep, buy all you can afford.
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    As was already mentioned, memory size matching is not necessary, unless you have an old motherboard (4+ years or Pentium 60-133 or lower).

    When you buy memory, keep in mind that you can use the faster PC133 memory on an older PC100 platform.

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    I just bought 512megs for 35 bucks from i checked it out and it looked good. its 133 and can be used with 100 bus speeds, so i'm hoping that this will work on my machine. i was just wondering if there is something wrong with that price, is there something like crap memory quality? could it only be 256 megs, you know its like watts, yeah you can get a 500 watt amplifier but what is the true wattage? is it nominal, max, is it at 2 or 4 ohms, it can be maniupulated, is it the same with memory?????>>>>>>
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    I like the amplifier reference, I know wht you are referring to but I don't think RAM size can be 'creatively advertised' in the same way.

    To see how much RAM your system thinks it has, right click on the "My Computer" icon then choose "properties" . This is for W2K and I think W98 as well.

    In W2K and NT you can also see not only how much RAM is installed but also how much is in use and/or available at any time by right clicking on the system tray (? task bar) then starting Task Manager. Then go to the 'Performance' tab.

    Regarding the quality of your RAM, I don't know what to say. I had a bad DIMM once and it made my computer behave very strangely. Even though diagnostic testing (Hewlett Packard that came with my PC) did not pinpoint the problem, removing the bad RAM solved the problem. If you have no problems and you system tells you that the added RAM is there...probably no reason to worry.

    You did get a great price...

    Crucial's price for 256MB PC133 DIMM is about $40 currently, but it is for first rate quality.
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    yeah this was just some generic brand and i'm still waiting to get it, the shipping was 10 bucks so i guess the memory wasnt just 35+ but a bit more but thats ok, still 500 megs for 45+ bucks cant beat that, i just hope it works. will elt you guys know. thnx
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    Buying generic memory is like buying a "Rolex" watch from a street vendor. It may work-it may not. Memory is so cheap right now that you are better off buying from a reputable manufacturer.
  10. JPerl, I don't know about watches but as for memory, is a devision of Micron...a company with a pretty good rep. Just bought an extra 256mb for the Gateway.
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