Adding RAM?????

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  1. Hi,

    I have an older Hewlett Packard Pavilion laptop with Windows 98 and a Pentium II chip. (3 1/2 years old)

    I presently have 64 mb of RAM.

    I would like to upgrade it to 256 RAM.

    How many slots do I have?
    Which RAM chip do I buy?
    Do I take out the 64 and add one 256?
    Will I encounter problems if it's the wrong chip?
    Should I do it myself or bring it to Best Buy or Circuit City?

    Would like to use this laptop for trading when I am away.

    Basically, I am not technologically smart. I have no idea as to how to do this?

    Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. You have a pretty old configuration. I would buy a new machine but if that's out of the question, and based on your lack of knowledge of puters...Go to CompUSA. They are currently installing all purchased upgrades free. Just bring in your box and your windows CD and they will take care of you.
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    I wouldn't risk trading on a PII
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  6. it wont work in your notebook but office max is giving away 256 k ddr ram this weekend.
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    Hope you have better luck with your HP laptop than I did with my Pavilion. The memory was so "hidden" that adding another 256 reminded me of those old Lamborghini's that had to have the engine removed for a change of spark plugs.

  8. If I upgrade the RAM, is there a good chance that the computer will have problems?

    (Regarding my 1st post of this thread)

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    The increase in RAM itself will cause no problems. In fact it's arguably better for your computer. Installation though, if not done properly, can always be problematic. If unsure about being a do-it your selfer, just bring your laptop into a reputable (not necessarily expensive, even a friend) service establishment, and have the upgrade done for you.
  10. Thanks everyone.

    I purchased the RAM and installed it myself. (WOW, I never did tech stuff before!!) I have to admit, it was pretty easy. The tech person at Best Buy told me what to do. They were very helpful.

    They went to a website called

    That website will tell you which products are compatible with your computer.

    Now, I have a somewhat reliable backup computer and I hope it will serve it's purpose when I'm away from home.

    Thanks again.
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