Adding Pictures to Threads

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Stock_Lover, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. How do you insert pictures in threads?

    I've noticed a few posters are doing that and want to join them

  2. When you enter a message at the bottom of the entry panel is a box that says "Attach File"

    Enter the path on your local hard drive or hit Browse to search for it. Example would be C:\Pictures\Trading\QQQ.gif

    After you post your message it takes a few seconds for it to upload and appear.
  3. if the image is a file on your computer, you can do what Tech Analysis said. if you want to display an image that is on another web page, you can just link to it. to do that, you put the url of the image inside [img ] and [/img ] tags (without spaces).

    for example,
    [img ][/img ] (without spaces).

    you can also go to for more info on this stuff.
  4. Why the picture of Kurt's son?
  5. rs7


    KIRK!!!! KIRK!!!! NOT KURT!!!!! (hey, he's my family too!!!!)
  6. do you really not know?? michael douglas played gordon gekko in the movie wall street. the picture is from the movie.
  7. "I said tax free. I didn't say . . . . free"

    - Michael Douglas in A Perfect Murder, another great one of his movies.