Adding Fidelity to my strong box.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by eagle488, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. I am going to add Fidelity to my "strong box" stocks. The nickname comes from the fact that there are certain stocks that I take physical delivery of and lock them in the safe.

    This stock has constantly gone only one way in the last 10 years, up. It pays a decent dividend, the fundamentals are always there, homebuilding stock-like P/E.

    New legislation in Congress over the coming years combined with greater awareness of the need for 401k&ROTH will make Fidelity a constant buy. Next week, I will buy $1000 bucks worth and send it to the strong box.

    This will definately be a 20-year holder. I will wipe the dust off and hopefully cash it in for much more in 20.
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    which one already in your box?
  3. I am not sure what fidelity you are talking about...

    Fidelity the brokerage firm is a not a publicly traded company. Who are you putting in your lock box...

    btw: are you Al Gore :)
  4. Hi Eagle...
    Next time you post about a stock, could you please list the stock symbol..
    Like this stock you are talking about ...NYSE:FIS


    P.S. I have an old, old huge safe and I had written the combination in code on a closet wall...nobody but me would know it was a combination to a safe. But then I hired a painter and he had a helper, and she painted right over my combination :(

    I damned near died but it was my fault not to write it down knowing the rooms were going to be painted but I never thought they would paint the inside of my closets .

    Anyways, I had to pay big money to get someone to open my safe.

    So be sure you keep your safe combination in 2 places besides your brain :)
  5. I meant the safe in the bank in a deposit box.

    Safes at home are actually unsafe. There are a number of things that can happen (although improbable).

    Someone can force you to open the safe, i.e. home invasion. A family member could open the safe and take it, i.e. angry spouse. Someone can break in and simply take the entire thing with them.

    Then most safes are not rated for burglaries and can be broken into using some common tools. They do rate safes at different levels of protection and most safes are simply unrated because they could not stand up to 5 minute tool attacks.

    The largest risk is fire. While a safe may look like it can make it through a fire, all the contents inside might get toasted as the safe will act like an oven.

    The best way is to put it in the safe deposit box. Believe it or not, Warren Buffet had stored over a billion dollars in shares in a small Nebraska banks safe deposit box.

    I store all my important stuff at a local bank that is a matter of a block away from the police and fire station. Should the bank catch on fire, the fire department should be there in a matter of minutes. The bank also has a sprinkler system. My house does not have a sprinkler system and its not located close to the fire department.
  6. That's not for me though. If something 10x's greater than 911 should ever happen or if Bush ever raises the alert to RED where people have to stay in their houses then the box at the bank is useless if the banks all close.

    I could always open my safe, take whatever I have and then head for the hills...

    But if a box at the bank works for you, then that is all that matters.
  7. If all of the banks are closed, then I dont think the stock market will be open. In that event the stock certificates will be useless.

    Even if you did grab your stock certificates and took them with you, chances are you would probably want them left in the bank because if there was that type of mayham in the streets you would probably get robbed.

    If the local bank is safe for Warren Buffet's billion dollars in stock certificates, then its good enough for me.
  8. I have McDonalds, All-State, Caterpillar, Verizon, AIG, and Colgate.

    I actually just started up this portfolio to supplement my 401k and ROTH IRA accounts. The plan is to purchase $1000 of one strong box stock every two-four weeks. The stocks must be listed in the Dividend Achievers Select Index.

    I made Verizon an exception though. It doesnt appear in the index.