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  1. new to ET, so the only search I conduceted helped me none at all

    I was able to submit an attachment twice ... had no difficulty
    the last time, and succeeding times the method I use will not transfer the chart

    I thought it might be something I'd done in updating some anti-virus programs ..
    but, don t know ...

    I run the following and the're up to date as of today

    Sysgate firewall
    Norton SystemWorks
    Zone Alarm
    SpyBot S&D

    any help here, or where do I go on ET to find help?


    for example, I attempted to add the attachment that failed to be accepted this morning ...

    we'll see it it works this time

    EDIT ..
    did not get sent ...
    I used the same directions that are on the FAQ, and, to insure that the file wasn't corrupted, I sent it in two emails ...
    they worked fine
  2. What type of attachment are you trying to attach to your message (.gif .jpg. bmp .png .doc)...what?

    Also, what's the size of the image or file your trying to attach?

    I have a feeling that's where your problem is at...

    The above link is via clicking on the word Help at the top of ET forum and then scroll down to the section called "Reading and Posting Messages"'ll see something called "What Are Attachments".

    Is it possible for you to attach that same chart again in your reply to see if your still able to do it?

  3. thanks for the reply ...

    the directions at the place you sent me were what I'd done the two preceding times I submitted a chart

    the first time I had no difficulty, nor the second by following the instructions to submit a gif chart which I'd saved to my hard drive in xxx.gif form into my documents

    however, the next time I tried, the preview pane did not show an attachment, and, as I was not sure if the preview showed charts (some forums I attend do not ... iHub comes to mind) ..
    anyway, I went ahead and submitted the post ...

    came up without the chart
    and I tried to edit ...
    find there is no provision to submit an attachment on edit
    and when I tried another post ...
    failed to show attachment in the preview, so I didn't submit it

    the chart is fine
    saved as xxx.gif
    and I could send it via email, which I did ...


    any more ideas?
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    email the gif file to and I will check it out and see if I can figure out what the problem is.
  5. Magna

    Magna Administrator

    One quirk I've noticed is that if you setup your attachment (by browsing to it per usual), then click "Preview Reply" two things will happen:

    1. you will not see the attachment designated in your post so you are not sure if it "took".... but more importantly....
    2. when you then submit your post (whether or not you choose to further edit) it will be submitted with no attachment

    Seems that the act of previewing things negates sending attachments.
  6. Magna,
    I feel that you've assessed the situation correctly ...

    I've been PREVIEWING the message, to, as you so aptly put it ...

    "to make sure it took" ...

    so, here is a test message with no preview, and I'll bet that it works ...
    for, the first couple of charts I posted .. I didn't even think about them "not taking" ...
    No preview was performed

    thanks for your help and the kind offer of help from baron
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  7. SUCCESS ....

    lol at myself

    I mentioned to baron in the email test I sent him ..
    wonder why I'm the only one to whom this happened .....


    I tried one gif and one png ...

    both worked ...

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