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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bellman, Feb 2, 2010.

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    What do I need to add a third monitor to a Dell Studio computer? Do I just stick another video card in an expansion slot? How easy of an install is it?
  2. are you sure you even have another empty PCI slot?
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    No, I'm not. This is actually for the hypothetical computer I'm about to purchase from Dell or HP.
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    I could actually use some help on this topic too. I'm between the HP elite and the Dell Studio Slim. Do either of them come out of the box with the ability to hook up two monitors? I don't know that much about hardware so idk which graphics cards support that and which don't.
  5. Dell will configure it to your specs, yes you need DUAL vid cards
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    @BKVEEN, I can say that the previous few systems I've bought came out of the box supporting 2 monitors.

    @killthesunshine, I do not believe Dell allows you to configure computers for three or more monitors (at least not the home & home office site).
  7. these are dirt cheap and can be had easily. I highly reccomend them.

    Buy two so you have a backup - Just make sure you have the appropriate PCI/PCI-e slot on your computer. Drivers will pull down from a Windows Update (except for Vista x64 and XP x64)

    Windows can support up to 9 monitors so I assume that your Dell/HP will have an integrated video card on the motherboard - just buy one of these, plug it in, do windows updata, restart a few times and then go to display settings in the control panel and enable the monitors, etc.

    Cheap & easy 3 monitor solution.
  8. Personally, I wouldn't buy a "slim" or "Small Form Factor (SFF) computer from anybody. If the power supply fails, you're not likely to be able to zip down to Best Buy and get a replacement.

    Most modern computers will accommodate a dualhead video card to run 2 monitors. Most will also run 2, dualheads... to run 4 monitors.
  9. Dual Video Cards. Will cost you about $250-300
  10. If you want more than 3+ monitors then you'll either need:

    1) 1x Quad display card
    2) 2 x Dual display cards. However, most motherboards don't have enough PCIe slots for 2 cards so you'll have to get a very specific motherboard.

    There are pros and cons to each way of doing it.
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