Adding a monitor to a dell slimcase optiplex

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by John47, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. John47


    Hey team,

    I'm trying to add a second monitor to a dell optiplex that is a slim case. I tried installing an extra video card I had but it wouldn't fit in the slim case.

    So the question is (and forgive me i'm not up on my hardware)

    Is there another way besides adding a video card to add another monitor? This monitor doesn't need great graphics, all that will be on it is a window with some working orders.

    If no, are there 'compact' video cards that may work?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. kinosh


    you should probably check the dell website for this.
  3. Tums


  4. jumper


    i also have the dell c pc. there are special video cards for the compact cases. i think its called low profile video cards. however, i ordered one and it didnt fit. i called dell to find out the exact model of a video card that would fit. it wasn't cheap. :(
  5. gnome


    No other way. You may want to replace your video card or add a "dual head, half-height/low profile" card like one of the Nvidia Quadro NVS models. Good idea to measure the space and check the card's specs. "Half-height" may not mean the same thing to all makers.
  6. Cybren


    I use to have a Dell slimline which I fitted with a Appian Typhoon dual head videocard which was fitted with two brackets. One bracket for normal PC's and one for mini PCI's (low profile).

    Still have the card, with drivers on cd etc. If you want you can buy it, but I am in Holland so might be expensive to send it over.

    check out: