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  1. so i trade for a living .....
    and im i cant seem to leave the screen and stop trading

    do i go to workaholics meeting or gamblers meeting..

    i hopes its not gambling seeing as how i work at a casino as well.
  2. I'm a total junkie. I'm on elite now because my mind is running 100 thoughts/second visualizing level II patterns and I delude myself into thinking there will be meaningful conversations related to my trading mind found ont his chat board.

    I think all great traders are addicts, to some degree or another.

    The question is if you make money or not... or if you are working towards it. If you're going nowhere, you need help. If you're making money, you need a hobby. At least I do.
  3. Set yourself a daily profit target and then call it a day.

    1. Go workout
    2. Talk to your family
    3. Talk to your girlfriend (or go get one, they're great for taking up a lot of your time). :D
    4. Get a hobby
    5. Mediate

    Whatever ... you're not addicted, you just need balance.
  4. this is why i have a 2nd job as a server in a casino so i can get out and talk to people lol be social without my job gheeze i dunno what id look like and i do MMA and lift..

    but when im doing all that stuff i think about trading ill literally be pounding my knees into a punching bag or grappling with someone... i think i wonder what the eur/usd is doing right now....

    has anyone talked to someone and used a trade you made as a significant life changing story in a normal conversation before..?

    odd are i think im crazy

    edit :speaking of mandelbrot i was up till 4 last night reading about him cool guy for a mathematician...
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    Any time you put your money at risk you are gambling, whether you like it or not!

    When gambling it is better to lose small and have your winners bigger, not necessarily more than, your losers!

    Daytrading is over rated.

    Think of it this way, it is a mugs game to the extent that you let it become so.

    Order routing, tape reading, TA, etc, etc, etc, can and do, create an illusion which can prevent you from doing what you need to do!
  6. ill remember that when i roll out of bed tomorrow morning put on my slippers read the business section of the paper in the house that i bought at 22 years old from trading
    i have no idea what your getting at here.
  7. Redneck


    First let me say - I am responding with utmost humility

    What you’re asking is how one evolves to the next stage of trading – treating it solely as a business

    Assuming you are consistently profitable – meaning you are you making enough to cover “cost of living” and “cost of doing business” expenses

    Then decide how much above and beyond this is enough for each day – make it – then walk away

    I know it’s easy to say, but "hard as all get out" to do – It takes discipline, (I believe just as much discipline as it takes to trade properly)

    Second option – if you must trade all day, set up a second account and trade from it after you’ve made your COL and CODB expenses in your primary account
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    What you do, or have done, is irrelevant to others!

    What you have, or have not, is also irrelevant!

    What matters most to an individual trader is only what he/she does!

    In relation to getting at, it is very simple!

    You have limited options as follows:



  9. thats a great idea ive been dong that sort of i make my money for the day then i trade micro lots
    i make enough to live off of trading but i like to work a 2nd job to as it gets me away from the desk and into something social and interactive but.. its hard to let go sometimes.

    im thinkin maybe i turned into this reading/studying/testing/demo trading.. all day long through school and whenever i wasnt working... i lost a girlfriend over it ... she couldnt understand why i traded a demo so much lol got a new fiance now but still.. i think maybe it comes from all the work you put in .. then to just let yourself be profitable from your work
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    You trade when the market tells you to trade!

    You sit when the market tells you to sit!

    Of course, the hard part is reading the market, which is also the simple part!

    This is why so many fail, in that they mix it up completely, and the simple part becomes reading the market, which is also the hard part!
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