Addiction to trading

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  1. People get seriously addicted to gambling, video games, and the like. I wonder how many people get addicted to trading. I mean serious addiction, like when you just can't stop no matter how much money you're losing.
  2. Amateurs.
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    Don't know about the losing money part, but the fact that I have only taken about 5 days off in the last 2 years shows I might have some kind of problem.
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    There are many addictive aspects to trading....All of which will hurt your profitability. You can't trade for excitement, ego, entertainment, etc... and expect to turn a profit. It's a biz, and has to be treated as seriously!

    -Bo Yoder
  5. Man do I have a problem trading. If I can't get my fix trading during the day I go after work to the OTB. On weekends it Atlantic City. If that isn't bad enough I find my self playing bingo. Great place to meet older women. I have been going to gamblers anonymous and now I am addicted to support groups. I go to clear and free and incest survivor group.
  6. I also forgot I am addicted to chat rooms like Elite Trader.
  7. I started trading a year ago but have done most of my trading in the last 4 months(averaging 3-4 trades a week....I got a call from my broker when I went over the 4 day trades in a row law so stopped day trading after that).
    Trading is definitely addictive for me.
  8. whoa.
  9. Seriously, where do we draw the line between addiction and passion. Hey, some people spend their life getting rid of crab grass, talk about throwing away good money after bad, then its grubs,wtf?
  10. Nutmeg, you realize you quoted a guy who hasn't posted on ET since 2002 :)
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