Added to my (cr)Apple short today

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  1. I just think Steve Jobs will call it quits soon or might even die. No one loses that much weight and doesnt have something seriously wrong with them. Cancer? Chemo? What is really going on?

    Today was an unsuccessful attempt at artificially buttressing the stock. Real shorts know the truth. The truth is that Apple is like Broadcomm in late 2000 where all of the tech stocks had falled, but Broadcomm.

    Sooner or later, Apple is going to fall through that trap door as news gets announced of Steve Jobs or some other episode. In any event, it appears Steve Jobs is distracted by whats going on and cant put the same amount of time he once did into the company.

    Based upon all of this, I have decided to add to my Apple short today.
  2. AAPL was upgraded today so i don't know how a short is. not a fan of holding overnight.
    that said,the man is very sick.don't care what their press release said yesterday.
  3. Thyroid issues - T3 is probably too high.
  4. Your sick in the head. Hoping someone has cancer and might die to make some money?

    You're not wired right man.
  5. T3 would have an effect on weight as well as energy. could also be testosterone. chemo can lower T levels also can deplete one of red blood cells.
  6. No, I dont hope Steve Jobs dies, but somehow I know the truth about what is going on. Im going to trade in the direction of what I know to be true. Steve is going to be too distracted to manage the company. You just dont pick up and cancel macworld for no reason.
  7. aapl 100 soon
  8. Apple: AmTech discusses Macworld; firm expects iPhone Nano later this qtr (93.02 ) -Update : AmTech was a bit surprised that AAPL decided to launch the updated 17" MacBook Pro instead of the updated iMac and new Mac mini. Even more interesting to them were the new software updates announced at the show. They did not think Macworld would be a major catalyst for AAPL shares and that proved to be the case. However, they did obtain some interesting color on the potential timing of the iPhone Nano (low-end iPhone) introduction and expect it will happen later this quarter. Having said that, AAPL must first get through the earnings call later this month and they believe that will set the direction of the next $20 move in the stock. We look for two catalysts in order to get more positive on AAPL in the near-term: 1) more realistic consensus earnings expectations for CY09, and 2) more clarity on the long-term roles and responsibilities of Steve Jobs at the company. They would look to get constructive on the stock in the mid-$70s if given the opportunity.
  9. Good call!
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    I wouldn't go as far as to say that Apple will go the way of Broadcomm but it will get hit by this. I don't believe that Apple cannot function without Jobs but I do think that it will take them (and the stock price) some time to recover from this hit.
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