Addams family to blame?

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  2. trendo


    The pathology dept. will have a good time if they ever get their hands on the creep's brain.
  3. Maybe they could float a reality tv show of him at Pelican Island
    sharing a cell with a couple of two hundred eighty pound gang members who hate baby killers. ( ..." NO BUHBUH PLEEEEEEEASE, NOT THE SHOVEL HANDLE AGAIN!)

    Bring back pillorying on the town square.
  4. I wonder if he will go to a nut house to be released 10 years later as "Cured"
  5. If things are handled properly, a person sentenced to a mental hospital can remain there longer than a conventional prison sentence. I doubt this would apply in his case though. He could be confined/treated till sane then tried.
  6. Look at that face, its just begging for a baseball bat across it.
    Little girls like the one he killed are sacred. Vile fiend.
  7. wrynn


    I dunno if he is crazy or just wanted attention. These days the line is so blurred
  8. bronks



    Looks like that already happened... should've been a homerun swing though.