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    Many times it works out but I don't think it's the right way.
    Any suggestion?
  2. Add to winners instead.
  3. Add at the next support/resistance level, depending on if you are long or short, that's how the pros do it.
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  4. Statistically speaking adding to winners works better. It can be difficult emotionally but if you can get past that you can make some money.
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  5. Depends upon your tactics.

    Not advised unless you have a plan to make it worth the R:R. Even then better to get the feedback with a stop ending the trade, and place another trade in a winner, imo. It depends upon your tactics, so there are places for it in some plans, but certainly not all.

    Making it integral to your tactics introduces a bigger loss risk and time in trade risk, which must be accounted for. Perhaps your tactics are not as developed as one might thinks-wants-needs to handle it, or would be better off without it.
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    This will largely depend on the stats of your edge. My observation over 20+ years is that strategies "fading" (mean reversion) a move usually "add to losers" and strategies following a move (trend following etc) usually "add to winners". This is a gross oversimplification of course. Ultimately it always depends on the operator.
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    If it's a DCA on an index ETF then it's OK. If it's a bet on others, better be damn sure one is on the right side.
  8. I think adding winners would be a lot better than adding losers. yes, it is quite difficult to pass them but once you have done it you can make a lot of money.
  9. Adding to losers will cause u to lose everything in the case the stock fails.
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  10. It's a timing bomb if you keep adding to the losing trades until one day and within that day, you'll blow your account at worst case scenarios. So, it's a big NO.
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