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    Hello, I am curious if anyone has experience with the common add medications. Any experience would be welcome, however I was particulary interested in learning about experience with Strattera. Any first hand experience or knowledge related to this or closely related would be welcome. thank you.
  2. Trading got me to finally check into if I had a problem with my head, and the conclusion by the Doc was ADD. I'm one who has never been a believer in ADD, but in a couple different assessment tests I was apparently at the top of the scale. He prescribed Strattera and I used it for 3 months scaling up the 1st month. I couldn't say if it was making a difference and the Doc said often its the case that you don't realize the difference until you cycle off and the difference becomes apparent. I just finished cycling off and it may be the case that it was making a difference, I think I'm noticing the same lack of focus, etc that got me to checking it out. I'm going to let it go for awhile longer to get a feel. I also don't like taking meds of any kind, so I have a prejudice against it in the 1st place, but if I think it works I'll go back on as the diagnosis really seems to explain a lot of stuff throughout my life. At the same time who nows, maybe its just a lack of total discipline which is what I have always thought. I also didn't like a side effect or 2. I was fairly constipated with it.(boy you never know how great that morning dump is till you can't take it for awhile). Anyway there are some thoughts, hope it helps.
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    hey thanks tango,

    good info.

    I have the usual add symptoms, the hyperfocus, "tuning the world out" , followed by the lack of fucus, agitated feeling that makes it hard to work or do anything productive... Also Lose interest. I also seem to follow a pattern of highs and lows, exessive energy followed by long period of "rest" etc. score high on the various tests.

    I too shun the label, I do not feel what is described is a disorder, rather a way of thinking and being not always consistent with the modern world. but there gets to be a point, via either consistent behavior modification, or drugs, or both, where one must become more consistant in order to reach ones goals. any further comments or insight more than welcome.