Add computer or monitor?

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  1. I would like to add more hardware, so I can do real-time calculations, analysis and watch more charts at the same time.

    I wonder if I should simply add more monitors, or add more PCs.

    If I'm going to add monitors only, how can I assign more than 1 monitor to the same PC? How many monitors at max can I add to the same PC.

    Thank you. :)
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    I don't know how anyone can do with one computer these days. I have ten computers and six monitors, and I often whished I had more of both.

  3. I prefer to have less computers and more monitors. I guess it's personal preference.

    I would go with something like this:

    Computers and/or monitors.
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    Really? WOW. Do you have a picture of your set up you would share? tx
  5. If I would like to use more than 2 monitors, I need to buy specially-made monitors. Do I get it right?
  6. Henry - not special monitors, you need special video cards and outputs - I do not know all the technical jargon, which is why I just use tradingcomputers.
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    Next month when I move and get my digital camera.

  8. You can have 8 (or is it 10?) monitors on one PC... it's a Windows XP maximum limitation.

    All you need is a mobo with enough of the right kinds of slots to insert enough of the right kinds of video cards to run the size and kind of monitors you wish to run. DVI or VGA? 19", 20", or bigger/widescreen?

    Tell the board what you have and we'll offer solutions...

    PCIE or AGP mobo.. or, "onboard video" (hope not)

    How many PCI or PCIE slots are open?
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    In the old days with an agp slot on the motherboard you could have had an agp card and a pci card. How is it now with the new pci-e cards? Can you still add an old plain pci-card to an existing pci-e card? Or do you have to have a special motherboard with at least two pci-e graphic slots?

    I am getting old I guess

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