Add cash or upgrade setup?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by CollegeTrader, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Im looking to take my trading to the next level. However i trade off a laptop at the moment. Im 19 so i dont have lots of cash. However should i look to buy a separate computer (dell) and hook up 3 monitors so i can now watch different time frames in the es/nq . Or should i use the cash to add more risk capital to my account? In your experience has a good setup helped your performance as a trader.
  2. lpchad


    If this is a serious consideration you should not be trading the ES/NQ
  3. Thanks for your concern, however no trader makes it by surfing et dreaming of making it. Im trading, and learning. Id rather learn now then when im 25,30 etc.. by all means i think i have a jump on the competiton at my age. I want to approch this the right way.
  4. Depends on your method of trading. If you trade 1/5/15 minutes charts and trade many things you need some hardware to all times frames + many stocks at the same time. If you swing trade hardware is much less of an issue.
    Maybe a good mix of the 2 is a good idea. Start buying a 22 LCD screen and hook it up to your laptop (there is a connector usually for an extra screen). Works weel for me for just the price of one screen. Then when you make more $$$ buy more and better stuff.
  5. Can't you hook up a monitor to your laptop and have 2 screens going and put the rest in the account?
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    you can get some great deals on used equipment via Craigs list etc..

    I would get some monitors and maybe a cheap desktop. You dont need a super computer for trading.

    I would improve the setup mover time and focus on trading
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    monitors cost $100 each. brand new..Pc cost 150-200.what are talking about here? if $500 is serious money for you-you shouldn't trade in first place
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    My point exactly, especially at $50 in the ES!!