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  1. Can a person with ADD/ADHD be a successful trader? Please let me know if you know of any? Any coping suggestions.

    I had an impossible time stay focused on the screen for too long. I resort to setting all kinds or sound alerts. Any other suggestions?
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    watch multiple corresponding markets,multiple timeframes and there s/r levels on each
  3. It is part of my preparation to note S/R levels and different time frames. However, that doesn't help much if your attention is unfocused during the trading hours.
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    a lot of times spx will stop short of its supp and reverse,if you are watching the dollar or djt or eur usd or aapl/goog, ,dow nq, you will see them stop at there supp res or blow thru, by watching how they all act instead of the one or 2 your tading, it becomes a full time job which your mindset can interpret a little easier without exhaustion, u can take ginseng to boost your concentration
  5. The question should be can a person without ADD be a successful trader.
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    Exactly my thought

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    This is huge help, as well as green tea. Also, I have an exercise ball that I use for a chair when I start to lose focus.
  8. I trade Forex and I just can't keep my eyes open to trade manually. I am scared to try the ball though...


  9. We can focus just fine when we find something to be <b>interesting</b> enough. Perhaps the problem isn't your ADD/ADHD, but that you're not sufficiently obsessed/drawn in by the markets.

    Although you might want to give Adderall a shot. That definitely works too, if you can get your hands on some.
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    Hi hippie,

    When I as developing my system I had insomnia and sleep problems that made it difficult for me focus for the entire day. So to counter that I created what I call time factor strategies. If you look through my journals you will see that I only trade at most 2 hours per day. While I was on that winning streak in early August I was only trading for an hour max each day. Right now I am looking for people that would be interested in buying my trading secrets. If you'd like to hear more and have money, you can pm me.
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