Adaptation of trading system for individual shares and indices on FX and bullions

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  1. Hi there,

    my name is Kai Hermann and I am still very new here.

    I have been involved in the stock market privately for almost 10 years and try to combine my passion for the financial markets with my main job.

    I am a graduated engineer specialising in computer science and fluid mechanics and started developing my own machine learning algorithm on stock indices and individual stocks in 2014.

    Since 2018, the algo is now running very consistently and successfully on different real-money accounts.

    My ambition now is to apply the algorithm not just to stock indices and individual shares, but to currency pairs (Rolling Spot FX or Futures on FX) and precious metals .

    I would like to exchange ideas with seasoned traders on how to optimise the performance even further or how to use the strategy in other asset (rolling spot FX or Futures on FX) classes, apart from indices and individual stocks.

    I would be very happy to receive direct messages here via the forum.

    Kind regards


    P.S. I am looking for a seasoned programmer/coder for 80-90 hours per month as a freelancer in our development-team (R, Python, Java, PHP, C++). I look forward to receive your private message!
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