Adams draws $250K fine from NFL

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  1. Funny thing about this was that Roger Goodell was at the game with Bud Adams. Adams invited Goodell to watch it in his skybox.

    By Herald wire services:

    The NFL fined Titans owner Bud Adams $250,000 for making an obscene gesture at Buffalo fans in his luxury suite and again on the field while celebrating Tennessee’s victory against the Bills on Sunday. Commissioner Roger Goodell, who was at the game and spent most of it with Adams, notified the owner of the fine yesterday. League spokesman Greg Aiello said it was for conduct detrimental to the NFL........
  2. I think this is way overboard. The guy is 86 years old, just having some good ole boy fun.

    Goodell seriously needs to chill out a little. This disciplinary thing has clearly gone to his head. He's like some little twerp the teacher made class monitor while she was out. Like all weak leaders, he's constantly feeling the need to show he's in charge.
  3. I agree, the guy is an old man who has put in his dues, if i was a fan in buffalo i would actually find it funny if some old man started giving me the finger after the game.

    The fine on Ochocinco was ridiculous, if anyone watching the game could not tell that he was just having fun they are an idiot. Guys like Ochocinco put people in the seats, and anyone with half a brain can tell he is just a goof who loves to have fun with the game, the NFL could use more guys like him who are unreal players and play the game as it should be played..... a GAME. It reminds me of Ovechkin in hockey, i love him because he clearly loves the game, he is not out there being a douche or trying to upset anyone he is just having fun with a GAME as if he was a kid, all professional sports need more guys like this as opposed to the typical cliche answer type people, who are in it to continue drawing paychecks.
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    It's a protected monopoly. They can do whatever the hell they want.