Adam Carolla on the real cause of poverty that Liberals wont admit.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Another fantastic Rant from Adam Carolla on the real causes of poverty, there is a couple very simple things you can do that will almost guarantee you dont end up in poverty, and inevitably you find that people living in poverty do the opposite almost every single time. And then inevitably they teach these values to their kids, and the cycle repeats itself, but liberals want to make it seem as if "poverty" not "stupidity" is the real reason why people keep making these dumb decisions.....

    1.) Dont have kids before you're 30, unless you have a good job and can afford them, if you cant take care of yourself how do you expect to take care of a child? Definitely dont have multiple kids before your 20
    2.) if you have kids make sure its going to be a 2 parent household, or both parents will be involved in raising the kid
    3.) finish highschool, and get good grades
    4.) get some kind of degree or trade
    5.) avoid breaking the law and going to jail, and getting a ciminal record because it will be a black mark on your record forever.

    Inevitably you will find that people living in poverty have broken atleast 1 of these rules if not all of them, and then they act aloof as to why they are poor....

    I particularly liked the part where Carolla rags on the guy for being proud that he is no longer on Parole, reminded me of one of those old chris rock comedy skits where he rags on people for being indignant because they take care of their own children.....

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  2. Max E.

    Max E.

    Being a half decent parent who takes care of their kids is apparently worthy of a reward in today's society......

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  3. Maverick74


    Chris Rock says a lot of stupid shit but I have to admit, the guy has some really good stuff too. That was classic.
  4. hughb


    When they went into the "guess the name" routine I shut it off. Pretty damb boring at that point.

    Anyway, if a guy completes his parole, and he is sincere about moving his life forward, he should be congratulated, not derided. There's no doubt that most parolees were scumbags and will remain scumbags, but there will be that one in a million that decides to change and becomes a successful, productive person.

    One other thing - if I ever had children, (which I won't), I would tell them that they get no inheritance, no trust funds, no NOTHING unless they stay single and have no kids until after the age of 35. People under 35 are just too dumb and irresponsible to be getting married and having kids.
  5. If i have children, i will sell them to the latest reality show producer.:(.
  6. You need to focus on the 'if I ever have sex' part first.