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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Sep 14, 2001.

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    One thing we've always took pride here at Elite Trader is keeping the boards as clean as possible. It's challenging at times, especially during unpredictable or unique events like we've had recently, such as the message board getting hacked earlier this month and the WTC tragedy this week.

    Since trading will be resumed Monday, the screws are now being tightened once again in terms of what posts make it through our "acceptability filter".

    With that in mind, I just want to remind all members, but especially those members who work for direct-access firms and other financial web sites, that you agreed upon registration to not use the message board for solicitating our members.

    It makes no difference to us if the event you are promoting is free or not. If you want to advertise on this web site, then you must pay like everybody else.

    It's extremely important for everyone to understand this one thing: We are able to communicate and learn from each other because there are sponsors who support this web site financially. Specifically, I'm referring to the following firms:

    TerraNova-MB (Formerly MB Trading)
    Forex Capital Markets
    RML Trading
    Beachside Traders
    Preferred Trade

    Our site traffic has increased five-fold since the beginning of the year but our bandwidth, software and hardware costs have risen as well, so the support of our sponsors is needed now more than ever. Therefore, we can't let other firms come on these boards and dilute the advertisements of our sponsors by posting "cloak and dagger" solicitations.

    With that said, let me take a moment to introduce you to the "kill" function, one of the newest functions to be implemented recently. You should use it to report messages that are really just advertisements from unauthorized companies, or messages that are crude, obscene, etc. You can report a post by clicking on the word "kill", which appears at the bottom right corner of every post. From there you'll be taken to a page that will let you give a brief explanation of why you believe the questionable post should be edited/removed. I encourage all members to use this function when it becomes necessary, so our excellent moderators can do whatever it takes to get the problem straightened out.