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  1. Anyone know of a good ad killer for IE7? I know firefox has them, but I haven't found too much for IE7. Microsoft's website has some, but hard to tell if they are any good.

    Just looking for something that can kill ads on websites.

  2. use avant browser ( ) it's a free frontend to IE. has tons of features built in including a customizable ad blocker.
  3. Most effective method is to use a HOSTS file to kill all ad serving sites.
    Do a web search and you'll find a site provided by MS MVP...
  4. Milles


    This works Great.
  5. After looking at some options with IE, I am now using Firefox as my primary browser as it offers so much more than IE.

    Examples that are very useful to me:
    1) Adblock Plus - This is exactly what I was looking for with IE, but this is simply a nice, clean free download. Forums, like ET and others, load so much quicker now that there are NO ads whatsoever on the page.

    2) Bookmark sync - this is HUGE if you use multiple computers. Have you ever said 'Where is that url that I saved? What computer did I save it to?' With this add-on you can sync up all your bookmarks:

    Those are just 2 examples that you will not find anytime soon with IE for FREE.
  6. avant browser does that - it maintains a list similar to the HOSTS file. you can customize the list and use wildcard characters as well (e.g. * ?)
  7. Almost all annoying ads use Flash technology. My solution: I have two browsers installed - explorer and firefox. In explorer, flash is completely disabled and forbidden to remind of itself. If I need to watch YouTube or anything else that use Flash, I launch Firefox.
  8. As a long term advocate of avant and ie I changed to firefox with v2.0 for one reason. And the reason stands.

    AdBlock Plus.

    I used host files. I've tried the IE7 addons. But nothing handles adverts better than AdBlock Plus. All of the manipulation of names etc is there but it does it more smoothly than anything else ... no ugly tags on the page, no flash crap, its smooth and its pretty. If you doubt it try it.

    Two other reasons are the excellent spell checker (so you don't look like a moron on ET) and RIP (remove it permanently).

    For an example of RIP try opening this URL and compare it with the picture below of how I see the page (please ignore the watermark).,17,200);

    All you see is the bits you want ... :)
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  9. You're right. Flash is the main villain. I use just one browser, IE6, and have Flash also disabled. When I want to watch a vid on You Tube, I just enable Flash and then disable it again.

    I hate flash with a passion.