Actually I want America in Iraq :D

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mahram, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. LOL its an eventuallty iraq will fall into total civil war. But by then leaving iraq, would 100 times more dangerous. Fighting 360 battle all around them. Iraq will pull in the shia and sunni countries starting a regional conflict. Lowering america's prestige and strength around the world. If anybody remembers lebanon and how that was an insane civil war. By the time americans realize its a full scale civil war, the lebanon and bosnian wars combined would look like a hippie peace rally :D America rocks
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  4. Mahram, You should not judge the strength of the U.S. Military by the weakness of the U.S. Government. Should our guys find themselves in a 360 degree fighting position the world will get to see some real firepower put to use. "Collateral Damage" will not be a consideration as it is now.
  5. Actually hoping that hundreds of thousands of Iraqis die just to make America look bad.

    You are very very ill, I guess it's a good example of the muslim psyche and explains why so many think the way they do.

  6. LOL captainobvious, the russians have been using way way way way way harsher force then american would ever dare use. and they are still fighting a civil war. They would bomb out entire cities, use nerve gas, etc. And they are still fighting a civil war. So dont tell me if americans can just let go of the morallty thing. Its been done, look at the russians. In fact look at the russian/afghan war. Look what happen.

  7. No, its not ill. Every generation needs a war so bad, that it makes them reconsider ever using war as a way to solve their problems. It took 3 wars , for the greatest generation.It took vietnam for our fathers. Now it takes this war for us. You have to admit, look at all the war mongers who want to fight IRAN and north korea. Basically there perspective as a first line of diplomacy as in using war, has changed their opinioins. This war, in fact will save future millions.