Actual Economic Hardship stories...

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  2. Very bad... I worked at Coca cola and they just fired all the salesmen(and women) and made them reapply for their jobs.... I don't know if this was because they wanted to reevaluate everyone or if they are doing it to cut costs. But the thing is that everyone who got fired , applies to their old job again and then has to do an interview.
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    High tech industry. They stopped hiring new grads after 2001 or so, and they're just running the existing labour force into the ground. If you had the misfortune of graduating from an EE or CS program after 2001, you are pretty much screwed. Can't find a job, too overqualified to work retail, but not experienced enough to be the 'superstar' that high tech firms want.
  4. hmm quite the contrary around here ... CS majors that I know make a min of 80k a year straight out of college and I have a friend that makes 110k a year 5 years after college with a degree in CS, also have a friend with no college degree at all and is making 75k a year as a network admin ... Also at my college CS is the highest avg starting salary at ~70k a year out of all the majors.

    Of course all of these kids that I know, were top of their class in CS with the exception of the network admin that didn't goto college