Activists empty bank accounts to protest bailouts

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  1. PARIS (AP) -A group of activists in Paris have emptied their bank accounts after a call by French sports icon Eric Cantona to protest practices by leading banks.

    The group marched in costumes in Paris on Tuesday and withdrew money from a branch of Societe Generale. They then opened accounts with a nearby branch of Credit Cooperatif bank.

    Activists have seized on former Manchester United star Cantona's call in October for depositors to empty their bank accounts. The groups suggest signing up with cooperative banks and rejecting major banks that were given bailouts and that are often blamed for the global financial crisis.

    Bankers and some economists warn against heeding the call.

    The football star-turned-actor was nowhere to be seen Tuesday.
  2. how come the teapartiers do not do that here in the USA?
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    Other countries really know how to protest and get their word across, here in the us people don't care if the fed prints trillions or the next big bank is ripping off their customers. Did anyone see the riots in the europe all protesting about the skyrocketing costs of college tuition.
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    So they moved money form one bank to another, that I'm sure will be grateful to Mr. Cantona for the new clients.
    I fail to see the protest.
  5. He was probably at the beach.
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    Yes, and the markets got so scared that they rallied all over the world.

  7. Freaky. I am shocked. :p
  8. Bank of Ireland up 25% today.
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    `Cuz they are not mad at the banks. They are mad at the politicians who spend money like it's not theirs and the voters who vote for these scoundrels again and again. Do you get mad at the store that sold your wife that $25K bauble or do you get mad at your wife for buying it?

    Actually, *you* might indeed get mad at the store. NM.
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