Activision modern warfare 3 release tonight

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by john33, Nov 8, 2011.

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    This stock should get a good bounce from this video game, I think it will have high sales.
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  3. i wouldnt buy the stock, but the game will be EPIC!!!!
  4. Watched those 2 guys on squak box playing it this morning and the one guy goes "but wheres the better guns"? The activision marketing guy looked like he took a dump in his pants. haha.
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  6. How much of Activision is owned by the govt of the USA ?
    Do they get special tax breaks for training mindless teenagers for the real thing in Afghanistan and Iraq ?
  7. Looks like a rehash of the previous 2 editions.

    Doesn't look like there will be anything new or fresh until the next generation of consoles...
  8. Just saw the commercial and thought the exact same thing...
    Never liked the game much, but there's no denying that Im in the minority.

    Will let this be one of my first trades on my new offshore platform...(6:1 with no PDT rules baby...)