ActiveTick vs. IQFeed vs. IB (TOFTT)

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  1. Tcl


    all of them are streamers , thus push

    i dont know where you think any of them could be pull
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  2. mcdull


    I am still using QC for ATS. Here are some comments:

    a) The snapshot update interval is around 1 second.
    b) My server is running in Hong Kong. The network connectivity is not very good. Having some disconnections from time to time. The longest disconnection time was 4 hours. I am not sure it is QC server problem or the internet problem.
    c) QC cover most Asian exchanges.
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  3. mcdull


    Hi fareastcoast:

    Do you mind telling me the monthly fee of Elektron? I am looking for a pure Linux solution for replacing QuoteCenter.
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  4. sle


    Which of the cheaper feeds include option data? I am thinking of using a backup provider, e.g. ActiveTick given that it's so cheap, but could not establish if they provide equity/index option quotes.
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  5. So, I didn't look at AT and IB yet, but if the barchart you are referring to is this one:
    then that one isn't appropriate for algo trading where you need data piped directly to your application (C++ in my case).

    iqfeed is cheap, but it is capped to 500 symbols. if you want more than that, you are out of luck. 1 second update interval is also rather slow for some applications.

    AT looks comparable to QuantQuote's TickView offering, the one thing that bothers me is that there is no mention of exchange fees on their website. Are they legally distributing the data??
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  6. i sent you a pm, check your inbox.
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  7. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    Some Corrections:
    You can watch up to 1800 symbols simultaneously on IQFeed and we don't offer anything that updates in 1 second intervals (other than if you request 1 second bar data). The data is updated tick by tick. You may be referring to timestamp resolution, which is 1 second (currently) on IQFeed.
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  8. If you don't mind me asking, who are you using for your primary feed and what was your reasoning for choosing them?
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  9. Tcl


    Barchart is also tick by tick

    from the reviews i read comparing barchart and iqfeed are very comparable
    but iqfeed was said to be better in term of accuracy

    i am not sure if it was mentioned on this thread before, but there is also nanex which is a sister project of iqfeed

    nanex also runs on linux using wine, but is said to be much faster than iqfeed and also much more expense, nanex is in the 1000-1500 USD per month range

    but then if you have a 1500 monthly budget for just the datafeed, you can probably consider a wider range of products, i dont know how nanex compares to other 1500 $ per month datafeeds
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  10. Was this with the RealTimeBars or the streaming quote subscription ?
    The above is definitely not surprising given the fact the IB's is a sampled data feed. However, despite this shortcoming, I don't think this disqualifies the IB data as "not for serious traders".
    That only needs to be qualified : "not for serious traders with average time-in-trade of 1 minute or less". Anyone else who has a 5 minute+ average time-in-trade should not be adversely affected by missing a tick or two.
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