Activetick options history problem

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by gdanov, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. gdanov


    I've been using activetick for few months with dev account and had positive customer support experience until this weekend. Noticed that options history requests timeout. Notified support but no reply so far.
    Anyone else having similar problem?
  2. kuhtam


    Yes. Have also previously had no problems, but in last week or so the real-time data has been very bad, regularly getting stuck with no updates coming for minutes or hours. Not sure about historical requests. No reply from customer service, support offline for last week, and phone lines forwarded to answerphone. They must be having problems.
  3. Gary from QUODD

    Gary from QUODD Sponsor

    Hi All,

    Just happened to come across this as I was browsing the forum. I work at QUODD which has a partnership with Nanex and we provide real time tick level options data. Feel free to drop us a line at the email below if you have any interest in getting a free sample, getting a quote, free test period, etc.
  4. gdanov


    Thanks, but unless your service is in the same price range I have no interest in talking to sales ppl. As your site makes no mention of price whatsoever so I'd rather go to iqfeed who have transparent pricing. Overall this "request quote" sales approach is extremely poor fit for individual clients like me.
  5. Gary from QUODD

    Gary from QUODD Sponsor

    No problem. Understood - thanks for the note back!
  6. gdanov


    the "activetick online support" has been green with "offline" status since I'm their client (few months)...and I don't expect it ever to go online :)

    so, make some profits and divert to more reliable provider. pity because for the price activetick is excellent when it works.